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Environmental Sensing

Powering connections that matter

Our cloud-based IoT sensors are designed to be highly adaptable to any third parties systems, can gather and analyse a wide range of environmental data to provide insights about space air quality, air particles, space usage, light intensity, noise level, temperature and much more.



Measure Air Quality Index (AQI),  assessing different data such as temperature and humidity level, CO2 and VOC concentration.



Detect people presence and measure space occupancy to identify underused building areas and reduce real-estate costs.



Specifically designed for digital desks within a work envinroment. It collects data about temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

IoT for
space sensing

The Integrated Facility Management System gives you the power to create a healthier and more efficient environment.

Case study

Transform your work envinroment into a smart space
The way people live a work environment has a significant impact on their productivity, job satisfaction and well-being.
Free Mind Foundry International Cooperation Hub – Workspace
Free Mind Foundry is an inspiring open space, extended over 2 floors,  in which people can meet and work together sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge.

More than 600 sensors enabling occupancy sensing, air quality and light control have been installed in the International Cooperation Hub.

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We can make your facility more efficient

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Free Mind Foundry

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