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Simplify Your Infrastructure Supervision

The Power Balance SCADA enables power plant, factories and critical infrastructures  to record, monitor, and optimize operational efficiency by supervising individual devices within the facility comprehensively and swiftly. This robust capability ensures meticulous oversight and swift response to improve overall system performance.

Our SCADA system provides robust solutions tailored specifically for the wind power industry. WPS offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of both entire wind farms and individual turbines.

Accessible from all devices
Whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, Fruition delivers a consistent anytime, anywhere.

Access data for the entire lifetime of the asset

From inception to retirement, our platform seamlessly gathers and provides access to invaluable data for each individual device, ensuring you get the insights you need to optimize performance, improve efficiency, and maximize ROI.

Evolving solution 

Scalability is a core feature, empowering our SCADA solution to expand effortlessly with your operational needs. Whether you’re managing a small facility or a large-scale industrial plant, our system adapts dynamically, ensuring consistent performance and scalability.


Out-of-the-box reports

Integrated Reporting enhances decision-making with comprehensive insights and analytics. Real-time and historical data are consolidated into actionable reports, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of operational performance and trends.

Customized alarm rules

Seamlessly build tailored alarm rules, ensuring your operations are always in sync with your unique requirements. With the ability to extend capabilities as needed, you’ll stay ahead of the curve, adapting effortlessly to evolving demands and maximizing efficiency every step of the way.



The PV Map contains a graphical representation of the composition of the park, from cabins to strings and panels


Gain the capability to oversee inverters, field sensors, energy transformers, meters, and more


Prevent system downtimes and perform root cause analysis at a glance with customized charts


Real-time status and KPIs on a geographic map, with the ability to zoom in on a specific area and the ability to reach the level of detail of the asset


Design custom alerts based on mathematical and logical formulas, including limits, thresholds, and rates of change

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