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Power Plant Controller

Maximize Performance and Yield

With the increase in renewable energy production, grid stability has become a major issue. In order to regulate the feed-in of energy to the grid, Grid Operator(s), issue binding production plans specific to each generating plant.

The  Power Plant Controller (PPC) is an advanced solution designed though for these needs, providing compliance with regulations, optimal management and control of renewable energy power plants.

Regulatory compliance to Grid Operators requirements

To regulate plant output under regulatory regimes, unexpected malfunctions or scheduled maintenance can lead to output setpoints. To prevent this, the PPC orchestrates component production automatically, ensuring consistent maximum energy output at all times.

Continious maximization in unique requirements

Each plant has unique characteristics arising from its architecture, the heterogeneity of machines installed within it, and its production dynamics. WPPC dynamically adapts to each request, applying future-proof logic and algorithms to maximize performance.

Preventing obsolescence and financial losses

A plant under regulation can easily produce less than the current setpoint allows due to unplanned malfunctions or scheduled maintenance. WPPC can avoid such loss of production in real time by automatically orchestrating the output of individual components to ensure maximum and constant energy output at all times.

Active power control at the plant interconnection point with local or remote reference point setting

The ramp rate limiting algorithm ensures that the rate of change between two set point values is within acceptable limits

Our PPC has built-in control loops to regulate the reactive power of renewable resources, keeping the grid voltage and power factor under control

PPC uses advanced algorithms and real-time sensors for precise voltage control, ensuring network stability and optimal energy efficiency

WiSNAM PPC supports both over-frequency power reduction and under-frequency power reduction. Active power is reduced when necessary to maintain system stability

Allows voltage and current to be put in phase by correcting their waveforms so that more protection is provided, and more power is obtained

Constant Updating to Regulations

Grid codes change year after year, often introducing significant changes. Our PPC updates at the same time as the regulations, ensuring plant conformity even when serious changes occur.

Safety Fluctuation Management

We cope with natural variations in production, such as a suddenly cloudy sky, with a system that limits oscillations, so to avoid dangerous flickering.

Smart Integration with your Power Plant

Each plant is unique, and compliance with standards might be tough. WiSNAM's PPC is adaptable to your plant so to eliminate expensive retrofit of plant obtaining high performances even from systems otherwise inadequate for ICT or machine behavior.

Multi-Capability Domain Orchestration

WiSNAM PPC can orchestrate different machines so to be able to reach the desired output of combinated active and reactive power at the point of common coupling.

Responsiveness and Optimization

Our system, based on intelligent algorithms, calibrates performance with predictive algorithms based on analysis of future machine behaviors of the entire system. This functionality optimizes slow communications and device interconnections.

Resilient Operativity

If some or even all the feedback signals are unavailable, the WiSNAM Power Plant Controller will automatically switch from one control mode to the other to avoid complete outage of the plant under any circumstances.
All your data always available in real-time in a web-based platform, accessible from desktop and mobile.
We work to provide constant updates of our end-to-end products in order to make them compliant with the highest IT security standards.

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