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Research & Development

Recent R&D Initiatives


Connecting people, artificial organs and medical equipment
IoT biomedical solutions are making medicine accurate, predictive and preventive. Our cloud-based healthcare products include devices that constantly monitor vital parameters, tracking real-time health data coming from artificial organs of patients able to self-administer a therapy.

Total artificial heart – Photo courtesy of Carmat

Carmat has developed the first auto-regulating, bioprosthetic artificial heart in the world able to mimic the natural physiology of the human heart.

Digitalization and remote connection of their Total Artificial Heart (TAH)

Bridge to innovative service therapy for implanted patients

Predict heart diseases through smart algorithms


Research, design and development of pioneering project

WiSNAM always looks forward to bring new ideas and innovative products. We collaborate with research institutes and universities to create reliable and high-precision monitoring technologies tailored to our customers’ needs.

Installation of WiSNAM sensor in submarine – Photo courtesy of Konsberg

We partner with the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics to develop UW RADS, a high-precision radiation meter capable of identifying radioactive objects even in extreme conditions, like undersea.

Laboratory tested with Cobalt and Sodium 22

Extreme precision and reliability in any condition
(high pressure, under water...)

Monitoring of the environment to identify radioactive waste and material

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