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WiSNAM announces new project for the connection of entire photovoltaic portfolio of EF Solare Italia

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With a top-ranking position among the European States, Italy is at the forefront for energy produced by renewable sources and solar power in particular. Fully embracing the spirit of EU legislation on Energy and Climate Package, the Country has already surpassed – three years ahead of its original 2020 target – the goal of 17% renewables share in the power generation mix.

In this fast-expanding energy market, which offers large room of actions for many energy companies and investors, EF Solare Italia takes the leadership into shaping the development and the consolidation of the Italian solar industry. Equally owned by Enel Green Power and the F2i Infrastructure Fund, the company boasts a growing portfolio of 360 MW photovoltaic power plants converting Italy’s warm climate into clean energy, with the aim to reach 1 GW of installed capacity in the next five years.

Facing the challenge to efficiently operate and maximize the value of all the assets dislocated across different regions, EF Solare Italia has chosen WiSNAM and BaxEnergy to interconnect company’s entire portfolio. Discover more on Case Study – EF Solare Italia.

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