WiSNAM and BaxEnergy present new IoT solutions

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WiSNAM and BaxEnergy present new IoT solutions

Barcelona/Spain, November 2017: For the first time ever at Smart City Fair, WiSNAM and BaxEnergy exhibit their new line of IoT solutions, designed to power the digital transformation of assets, workplaces and buildings towards a zero-carbon society

As well-known international networking platform, Smart City Expo World Congress has gathered big utilities, business companies, academic and research communities, aiming to promote debate, create synergies and strategies for a smarter and more sustainable urban World.

During the three-day event, exhibitors and visitors have explored together all ideas that revolve around the concept of transforming our cities in smarter, healthier, efficient and more eco-friendly spaces.

WiSNAM and BaxEnergy have joined the fair, presenting their new line of IoT solutions, advanced sensors and technologies for smart buildings, integrated energy and smart manufacturing.

WiSNAM and BaxEnergy present new IoT solutions

From left to right: Nicolò Savalli, WiSNAM CEO and Commercial Director BaxEnergy IoT Division, and Rui Carneiro, Commercial Director BaxEnergy Portugal

Mr. Nicolò Savalli, WiSNAM CEO and Commercial Director BaxEnergy IoT Division, who has attended the fair, has shared with us his impressions and thoughts about the event, the new emerging industry’s trends and future actions to better seize the digital transformation’s opportunities.

  • How was your experience attending the fair?

It was a very interesting event and an impressive window on the smart cities technologies all over the world. All the major cloud providers, solution providers, service companies and many others were present with their own solutions and products, testifying that the smart city concept has definitively took off. 

  • What about WiSNAM’s participation to the tradeshow?

We are part of this revolution as both product and solution providers, since our solutions for smart building and renewables management can be merged with other verticals as, smart lights, smart waste management, smart traffic management and others to upset a greener and digital future for our cities. Great inspiration has been gathered to develop other vertical applications in 2018.

  • Which new emerging industry trends did you notice at the Fair?

 I think the most important trend, currently shaping the industry and especially the smart city sector, is the strong focus on some specific verticals, such as smart lighting, smart parking, smart metering, waste management and others, which include and exploit the use and production of energy and the need to optimize its consumption. Accordingly, the synergy and the integration between advanced software platforms and hardware applications become more and more important to successfully satisfy the market’s demands and competition.

  • How do you think WiSNAM should evolve in order to be more prepared to seize new trends?

I believe we have the potentialities to become the solution provider of the major companies who are investing in this sector. That’s due to the completeness of our solutions, covering the full spectrum of the industry value chain, from the engineering and hardware development phases to the software implementation equipped with KPIs and data analysis’ tools. Last but not least, I think that, if from one hand it is a very complex industry market, on the other hand we have the experience and the know-how to bring in place best-in-class IoT sensors solution. 

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